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Q: What does it truly mean to be equally yolked?

by Fellowship

A: “Equally yolked” is a phrase used within the biblical community to refer to compatibility among two individuals who are interested in pursuing a relationship with one another. The scripture reference is 2 Corinthians 6: 14, The word “yoke” means a coupling as when two oxen are coupled or yoked together by a pulling beam […]

Q: Why do saved women have a huge problem with saved men that are virgins?

by Fellowship

A: I’m not sure! As we’ve shared before in a few other answers, Healthy singleness should be honored and healthy marriages should be honored – among everyone! The norms for our culture drive how many people live. These norms are not necessarily bad, unless they conflict with God’s Word. The moment that something conflicts with […]

Q: How long should a couple date before marriage?

by Fellowship

A: Thank you for this great question. It is an almost impossible question to answer from a numerical standpoint. The goal during the season of dating should be for the two individuals to know that they have the character, commitment, and relationship with Jesus Christ to sustain the marriage. In many cases when a couple […]

Q: I have received so much backlash from my female peers over my saying that I am happily single. Yes, I want a mate. But I know, I have to depend on God to bring my mate. What does waiting for God look and feel like? What is a healthy desire? What isn’t a healthy desire? Is there something wrong with me being content as a single woman?

by Fellowship

A: Wow, these are all great and complex questions. Many times, living for God and living by His Word can be misunderstood and confused. Your actions, particularly, can be misread when you have individuals who are not committed to living by God’s wisdom. The backlash probably comes because of a lack of understanding or a […]