trueWelcome to the fall launch of Life Groups!! Over the next 10 weeks your Life Group curriculum will be True Spirituality: Becoming a Romans 12 Christian by Chip Ingram.

All the information you need can be located online at

Below you will find the links for Session 1 and the discussion questions and assignment you and your Life Group members should review prior to your first meeting.

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May God Bless you as you and your Life Group “Grow” and “Do Life Together”!




Session 1: Introduction- God’s Dream For Your Life

1. Watch Video @
2. Download Message Notes and Reflections @

Session 1 Discussion Questions

Talk it Over

  • As you were growing up, what was your view of God? What was he like and how has that view changed?
  • In your opinion, why are so many Christians not living out the dream God has for them?
  • How has your view of a mature Christian (disciple) changed? Why?
  • Chip said “being a Romans 12 Christian is first and foremost relational”. What are some other words that Christians might say is first and foremost in being a good Christian? For you personally, what are the implications of viewing the Christian life as relational?

Come Before God

  • Becoming like Jesus requires you developing a personal, intimate relationship with your heavenly Father. What does that look like in your everyday life? And what is a step you need to take to go deeper in your relationship with God?

Do Life in Community

  • Chip said God’s dream is to make you like His Son. Part of what God uses to make you like his Son is authentic relationships with others (biblical community). Who in your life has had significant impact on helping you become more like Jesus?

Be on Mission

  • “The greatest need today is for Christians to live like Christians”. Describe what “living like a Christian” means for your life. Get specific and practical.


Come Before God

  • Read Romans 12:1-8 (NIV) through a couple of times. Read it slowly, really paying attention to the flow what Paul is saying.
  • Go through this passage and circle all of the commands. Look for verbs and action words.
  • Why do you think Paul uses the imagery of “Living Sacrifice” to describe surrender? What are some characteristics of a living sacrifice?
  • Spend a few minutes coming before God in prayer, asking Him to reveal anything that stands between you and total surrender.

Do Life in Community

  • In verse 5, Paul says, “…so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Write out some specific characteristics of what it means to “belong to all the others”.

Be on Mission

  • Read over Romans 12:2 again. How is being “separate from the world” crucial to being “on mission”? Is there some area where you have been conformed to the pattern of this world? What steps do you need to take to separate from the world system?