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Fellowship Bible Academy (FBA): Next Level Up

May 30, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Fellowship Bible Academy

Fellowship Bible Academy (FBA)  is a 5 Week Session of Classes to take your faith to the Next Level Up!

“Next Level Up”



**Select 1 Course Only to Attend ALL 5 Weeks**

***We will have Virtual, In-Person, & Hybrid classes this year so please choose pay close attention to the type of class you select.***



May 30, 2023 – June 27, 2023 | Tuesday’s ONLY

7:00 PM Weekly



The Grace For Change (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Instructor: Minister Anthony Britton 
Book: The Holy Bible

In this class participants will examine Grace and the role it plays in our lives. This class will also focus on how to make changes in every area of your life because of the Grace God has freely given us!

Focused Faith = Next Level (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Instructor: Deacon Brenda Estes
Book: The Holy Bible & Faith to Live by Derek Prince

This course will help participants identify what is faith and how to increase their faith. We will identify the main elements of faith and how these elements please God. This course will help the believer gain a true understanding of faith and how they can focus their faith to get to the next level.

“Take A Risk For Your Next Steps” (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Instructor: Minister Keron Ervin
Book: The Holy Bible (Book of Esther)

This class will offer you the opportunity to explore within yourself about Gods plan for your “Next Steps.” As we journey through situations we will begin to master strategies for spiritual knowledge and development. By the end of this class the goal is for each student to implement those new strategies for their spiritual maturity to go to the next level.

In Case Nobody Told You Today: You’re Special – Youth ages 14-18 (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Instructor: Dr. Richard P. Glass, Jr.
Book: 3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future by Dr. Kara Powell, Kristel Acevedo, and Brad M. Griffin

This course is powered by the teenager’s guide to exploring identity, belonging, and purpose. Today’s teens can be overwhelmed by the need to “have it all figured out.” 3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future invites teens to explore, wonder, seek, and wrestle with the questions that are constantly on their minds: Who am I? The question of identity. Where do I fit in? The question of belonging. What differences can I make? The question of purpose. This class will challenge teens to think deeply about the questions that matter most, all while growing in their relationship with God and those around them.

In God We Trust: For a Financial Freedom Plan  (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Instructor: Elder, Dr. Jean Jones
Book: The Holy Bible

The Bible has much to say about “money”, how to get it, how to use it, and how to keep it. Discover God’s plan for managing your finances: money management, spending plans, debt freedom, investing, and more. As you will learn, seeing yourself as a steward of God’s resources is the only way to true Financial Freedom.




Connect Four Focusing: Meaningful Connections (VIRTUAL ONLY)
Instructor: Minister Victor Lewis Foyles
Book: The Holy Bible

This course is designed to engage the students in a transformative learning approach. Students will focus on four meaningful life connections: such as creation, purpose, mission and interpersonal. Each student will be able to implement the habits and disciplines learned into their daily lives. Also, each student will be more attentive in their relationships (God, family and associates) and embracing their uniqueness.

Living The Path To Joy (VIRTUAL ONLY)
Instructor: Minister Lisa Sparks
Book: Living Joy by Chris Stefanick

According to James 1:2, we have been instructed to count it all joy. For joy isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. How do we find joy and hold on to it when so much in our life stands in the way? We will discuss the nine rules that will help you rediscover and live a life of joy. You’ll also learn why gratitude is the first key to unlocking joy. Why silence creates space in your life for happiness. Also why rest, friendship, and fun are integral parts to joyful living and so much more.

Forget Those Things Behind Me – I’m Moving To My Next. (VIRTUAL ONLY)
Instructor: Dr. Carolyn C. Walker
Book: The Holy Bible (Book of Philippians)

Have you ever wondered why you have not moved to your next? It could be that you are still holding on to things that God wants you to learn from and let go of? Your next is coming. Will you be ready? Come study with us in the Book of Philippians and let’s move to our next, together.

“Sermon on the Mount” Remix (VIRTUAL ONLY)
Instructor: Minister Ronald Hughes
Book: The Holy Bible

Imagine the fun of sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning how to live a life pleasing to God. You will learn the characteristics of Christian discipleship. Learn the truth about living wholeheartedly for God through faith, not simply through external actions of keeping the law.



Level Up Your Service (HYBRID)
Instructor: Elder Monica S. Foster
Book: The Holy Bible

This course is designed to provide each student with insight on serving at the next level no matter how you have been serving. Level Up Your Service will help each believer understand why we are called to serve and why Jesus should be our example as we serve God’s people. Each student will learn how to cultivate characteristics and develop a servant’s heart and spirit.

FUN-From Love To Legacy (HYBRID)
Instructor: Jerome and Monica Reynolds
Book: Quest 4 Faith by Quest Green

A journey to achieving a phenomenal marriage, specifically through 4 areas: Foundation, Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy. Quest 4 Faith, is a biographical approach, a journey to achieving a phenomenal marriage, and highlights the life experiences of transitioning. With a solid focus on 4 specific areas, Quest 4 Faith provides insight and foresight into the dynamics of marriage.




May 30, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Fellowship Chicago
4543 S. Princeton Ave
Chicago, IL 60609 United States
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