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The Ambassadors Ministry is the welcoming arm of the church body.

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry assists members who have lost loved ones with funeral arrangement and more.

Christmas at the Ship (CATS)

Christmas at the Ship is Fellowship’s toy and food giveaway during the holiday season. It is our biggest giveaway of the year.

Community Table

The Community Table serves hot food to the people in the community each Thursday from 12pm-2pm.

Congregational Care Ministry

The Congregational Care Ministry serves the sick and immobile Fellowship members by visiting them regularly. The Congregational Care Ministry provides prayer and communicates the needs of the sick and immobile members to the ministers, deacons, and other ministry leaders.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry provides creative theatrical performances.

Freely Give

Freely give is Fellowship’s food and clothing giveaway which occurs Wednesdays from 7am-10am and every 4th Saturday of the month.

Good Life Ministry

The Good Life Ministry supports and develops believers in their faith walk through events, experiences, and engagement. The goal of the Good Life Ministry is to provide spiritual tools to assist members in living the “good life” in Christ.

Graphics Ministry

This ministry is responsible for creating graphic art design, printing, and binding for church events including the weekly bulletin. The graphics ministry makes church marketing materials, website graphics, social media graphics, obituaries, and other graphics and printing needs.

HIV/AIDS Ministry

This ministry is responsible for educating the church and community about the seriousness of HIV/AIDS in order to prevent its spread and provide care and comfort for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Intercessory Prayer Team

The Intercessory Prayer Team stands in the gap to pray for members, the church, and our leaders.

Impact Tween Ministry (Middle School)

The Tween Ministry is designed for middle school children to engage and stimulate this group in a way that will help them live out their Christian faith.

Kidz Zone Children’s Ministry (ages 3-10)

The Children’s Ministry provides a setting for our children to worship, receive instruction, have fellowship, and learn how to be followers of Christ.

Kings and Priest Men’s Ministry

This ministry is designed to enlighten, encourage and empower men to confidently function in their God-ordained role. Through teaching, fellowship, interaction, transparency and accountability, this ministry will build kingdom men of purpose, promise, and power.

Marriage Ministry: Soul Mates

Our Marriage Ministry empowers marriages to thrive by providing couples with tools and examples for successful marriages, by sharing and showing the gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of love and generosity.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is responsible for all telecommunication (radio, television & internet).

Media Sales

The Media Sales team is responsible for product sales.

Medical Ministry

The Medical Ministry provides healthcare empowerment through educational resources that positively impact the physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being of our members and community at large.  Licensed and qualified team members provide aid and assistance when needed.

Music Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to minister and intercede for His people through music. This ministry includes the Praise Team and Combined Choirs.

Prison Ministry

Fellowship partners with Chicagoland Prison Outreach to provide help and hope to those in prison and their families.

Reign Women’s Ministry

This ministry is designed to enlighten, encourage and empower women to confidently walk in their royal status. Through teaching, fellowship, interaction, transparency and accountability, this ministry will build kingdom women of purpose, promise, and power.

Senior Care Ministry

Senior Care Ministry serves the seniors of Fellowship by providing important resources and opportunities for socialization. The senior care ministry ensures that the seniors of Fellowship are cared for in and outside of the church.

Security Ministry Peacekeepers

Security team members are responsible for securing the building during worship services and events.

Substance Abuse Ministry

This ministry is designed to address the addictions of the human personality, such as chemical dependency, alcoholism and assist the addicted personality in obtaining sobriety and a sense of well- being by building faith and breaking the chains of addiction through salvation.

V.I.B.E. (Volunteer to Impact, Build & Empower)

V.I.B.E. volunteer program is designed to develop and utilize genuine people committed to transforming good intentions into great actions with diverse volunteer involvement.

Violence Support Ministry

The Violence Support Ministry provides support to grieving family members who have lost loved ones to violent crimes.

Young Champions Youth Ministry (High School)

The Youth Ministry strives to reach high school teenagers to enable them to grow in faith and honor God with their lives focusing on character, courage, culture, creativity, community, and commitment.